Calorie burner

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Pull-up, Kettlebell CIRCUIT #130 seconds Stutter Steps2 - each side - Cossack Squats2 Sprawls20 seconds Stutter Steps2 - each side - Cossack Squats2 Sprawls10 seconds Stutter Steps2 - each…

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Kettlebell & Physioball #2

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Kettlebell, Pull-up Bar, Physioball CIRCUIT #110 - each side - Physioball Russian Twist10 Frog Jumps30 seconds Side Bridge (left)30 seconds Side Bridge (right) CIRCUIT #25 – each side – Kettlebell…

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Kettlebell and Pull-up bar

NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Kettlebell and Pull-up bar CIRCUIT #1Kettlebell SwingsClosegrip Push-upsBurpees21, 15, 9 reps CIRCUIT #25 - each side - Kettlebell Presses5 Pull-ups5 - each side - Kettlebell Clean & Presses5 Knees…

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Crazy 8s

A guest workout by Seth Crooks NEEDED EQUIPMENT:  Pull-up Bar CIRCUIT #18 Pull-ups8 Push-ups8 V-Sit Twists8 Knees to Elbows8 Split Squat Jumps8 Mountain Climbers8 Air Squats8 Toes to BarX8

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