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(needed equipment: Physioball)
(needed equipment: Kettlebell, Physioball, Medicine Ball, Pull-up Bar)
DOWNLOAD K-Challenge
(needed equipment: Kettlebell, Physioball, Medicine Ball, Pull-up Bar)
(needed equipment: Medicine Ball, Pull-up Bar, Slosh Tube, Clubbell)
(needed equipment: Medicine Ball)
DOWNLOAD K-Crosstrain
(an 8 week program originally designed for runners, utilizing various pieces of equipment)


[…] out our 12 week program page here and download K-Fit and K-Challenge.  K-Fit is a great introductory program for those who have been […]

  K-Fit App to be released « Kemme Fitness wrote @

[…] help but to be excited about the soon released K-Fit app for Blackberry and Android tablets. K-Fit is Kemme Fitness’ introductory 12 week Functional Fitness program. And special thanks to […]

[…] refer them to a 12 week program. Programs such as P90X and Kemme Fitness’s 12 week programs (K-Fit, K-Challenge, K-Basic, K-Element, & K-Bootcamp) are meant to be all you do each week. There will be no time or energy left for running or weight […]

  So where is this new K-Fit app Pete? | Kemme Fitness wrote @

[…] the meantime, feel free to download and use any of our 12 week programs for free.  I know, a linkable pdf is not as cool as an app, but all our downloadable programs are […]

[…] you can see, there are 5 programs to choose from.  If you CLICK HERE, you’ll go to the page for you own free copy, but which one to start with?  I have brief […]

[…]   In fact, Clubbells are one of the four pieces of equipment needed for the free 12-week program, K-Element. That is a great place to test out your new toys!   Let us know if you have ever tried a Clubbell. […]

[…] did a couple bootcamp style workouts the last few weekends and for some reason I stuck with K-Bootcamp, where the only piece of equipment is a Medicine Ball (well, and some cones). But now it is time. […]

[…] here), I think we have it all here for you.  If you haven’t worked out in years, we have K-Basic for you to begin. Just a Physioball and you are ready to go. You want a challenge? Well then – […]

  a fun workout with numbers game | Kemme Fitness wrote @

[…] Did you just finish up a 12 week Functional Fitness workout?  What? You don’t know which work out to do next and you aren’t up for starting another one of the free 12 week programs at Kemme Fitness. […]

[…] you have some already, but otherwise you just need to go out and get them quick).  Then, you will click here and download […]

[…] with some workouts and have had some fellow Functional Fitness junkies agree. Some of my favorite K-Bootcamp workouts from last summer have kicked my butt this year. I mean, I couldn’t finish them. I  […]

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