I’d say, “want to win a free copy of my Functional Fitness ebook, that includes an exercise list and 80 free workouts?” but really it is not a contest. All you have to do is contact me with a video of you doing any one of my posted workouts and the ebook is yours.

If you have not already, just check out the workout pages (Beginner, At home, or At the gym) and choose one of your liking.  I have workouts for the gym, at a track, at home, and even a few with no exercise equipement at all. 

Perform the workout yourself, or with a group, and video record it. Then just contact me at kemmestudios@altelco.net with the video and I will reply with the pdf version of the ebook free!

Of course, be prepared that we are going to want to post your video on the site to share with others, so keep the zebra striped Speedos in the dresser drawer. Don’t get me wrong, my $7.99  Target shirts and $8.99 shorts are not the epitome of fashion, so I really don’t care.  It was just a warning for your sake.  The length of the video is not of any concern and I will most likely edit it a bit to add my fancy graphics and, of course, a U2 song or two.  If you have any biographical or background information you want to give, please add that in the email so we can share that as well. 

Thanks for your support and interest.  I hope everybody is able to gleam a bit here and there from us to use in your workout program. That is really our basic goal here – to share so others can benefit. 

Pete Kemme

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