will doing Kemme Fitness give you six pack abs?

The short answer here is…….yes and no!


We all love six pack abs, whether you are a man or a woman. They instantly portray the image of health and strength.

But how do you get them?  Does Kemme Fitness give them to you?  Do you have to do 1000 sit-ups a day to get them? Do you work out all week long and still look like a keg versus a six pack?

First off, Kemme Fitness, as well as other Functional Fitness programs, do not recommend you do a 1000 sit-ups. Sit-ups and ab work are just that – ab work. The six pack you see is not just your abs, but a larger portion of your core. Isolating your abs will build strength and define your abs, but you have so many more awesome looking muscles.

Take vanity out of it, and these additional muscles have other benefits – benefits such as stability, flexibility, coordination, power, balance, strength, and the ability to minimize your chances of injury as you live life.

Ok, but how do you get all those muscles?

Doing Kemme Fitness workouts 4 times a week will get you those muscles, but here is the kicker: you won’t see them. Yep, you read it correctly! In order to actually see those picture perfect abs, you will need to be dedicated to a healthy diet. That’s right, you have to reduce your excess fat in order to reveal those powerful and sexy looking abs. See this post for more on the topic.


So the answer is YES Kemme Fitness workouts will get you those six pack abs, but NO you won’t see them unless you do the hard work of eating right and watching your caloric intake. Diet AND exercise – darn it your doctor was right!

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