Who is a Functional Fitness expert?

Let’s just say that you do not want to take my word for it when it comes to Functional Fitness.  If that is the case, then you are heading in the right direction. I was flattered once by a friend of mine in the fitness industry when he called me a Functional Fitness expert.  Actually I laughed out loud.

Me? An expert? What would make me an expert? Does the amount of research I have done qualify me? How about the programs I have been developing and training others in for years? Maybe my awesome website is the key? Surely the 12 week programs such as K-Fit, K-Challenge, and K-Basic make me an expert?

The answer really to the question of whether I would qualify as an expert is really…well not relevant. This is because we live in a world now where we don’t have to solely rely upon who we perceive as experts for advice. We have access to all the information we want and can advocate for ourselves. Gone are the days of putting your faith into one person and calling it good. Here are the days of Googling, comparing ideas, asking all the “experts” you want in forums, and then making up your own mind. Problem with some plumbing issues? You might be able to figure it out yourself after some internet searching and not have to call a plumber (the expert).

With this said, we still need to know where to turn to obtain information for us to make our decisions. We still need to know where to turn to in order to decide what type of fitness program is best for us. Afterall, fitness is (at least it should be) one of the most important facets of your life.

First, let’s quick mention who the educated folks are in this field. I’ll post more later about the types of degrees of study and professionals in the medical community that are helpful. In general, when it comes to Functional Fitness as I have defined it here, I would lean towards disciplines that involve the study of movement patterns (kinesiology) and how the body works well together in a natural and effective way. If we want to be functional, I dare say that physical therapists (who study kinesiology by the way) are a great resource.

The medical community is not the only resource to turn to. How about practical experience? What about people that understand exercising and fitness programs? These “experts” don’t have college degrees (at least not relevant ones usually). They may have certifications such as mine “Core and Functional Fitness Specialist.” 

I will be brutally honest here. My certification did almost nothing to increase my knowledge to help people. My certification is….well is just that: a certification. If you are impressed I have one, you are either naive or easily impressed. In that case, check out the picture below of my left hand and know that I can type 80 words a minute with nine fingers. Oh Yeah!

This is what I suggest. For anybody who is trying to stay fit (insert the word “everybody”) you need to first establish goals. Are you wanting to be stronger? Do you want to run longer races? Do you want to compete in the Crossfit Games? Do you want to buy 12 week programs over and over again? Do you want to just pay for a gym and hire a personal trainer? Do you want a varied exercise program that is well balanced, will help you avoid injuries as you age, and will keep you interested for the rest of your life? Hint: if you answered yes to the last question, you will want to turn to a Functional Fitness program.

Another hint:  if you don’t want to pay for any of it, you might consider using Kemme Fitness. We have all the resources you need to have your own Functional Fitness program for life.

Please accept my apologies for touting my own website (couldn’t be helped). The point of this whole post is everybody should be exercising and staying fit. And everybody should find what is right for them. You do this by researching on the internet or library, asking friends, family, people on forums, your doctor, physical therapists, and other trainers. Find what is right for you and continue to reevaluate your progress.

There are no Functional Fitness “experts” truly, but there are plenty of people out there talking about it. There are even TV shows utilizing it (Biggest Loser). If you have any questions of specific research or other aspects of Functional Fitness, just contact me or leave a comment on this post.

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