which free Kemme Fitness 12 week Functional Fitness program is right for you? Good question.

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As you can see, there are 5 programs to choose from.  If you CLICK HERE, you’ll go to the page for you own free copy, but which one to start with?  I have brief descriptions under each image, but I thought I’d take a moment to give a more detailed explanation of each program.

In a way, they range from easiest on the left to harder on the right, although it is difficult to really compare the last three (K-Challenge, K-Element, and K-Bootcamp) because they are so different.

A quick history might help you understand the purpose behind each program.

The original Kemme Fitness 12 week program was K-Fit.  That is why I title it an introductory program. It is the most popular and is now the first program turned into an awesome app with tons of extra features (On Blackberry only as of this posting). I made sure you only need 4 pieces of equipment (Medicine Ball, Physioball, Pull-up Bar, and Kettlebell). Download the free ebook, The Low Cost Gym, for instructions on making homemade equipment. Plus you can possibly get by with using dumbbells in place of Kettlebells, but I don’t recommend it.

K-Fit starts at an introductory level (for average, active folks – more on that later), and it increases in intensity until you get some pretty high level workouts near the end.  It is great for turning somebody who is in “ok” shape into a strong-core, Functionally Fit person.

Why stop there then! Hence K-Challenge. Here, I took my hardest workouts I had created at the time, but while using the same 4 pieces of equipment as K-Fit.  This allows people to easily transition into K-Challenge upon completion of K-Fit.

Then I created K-Element for people like me who love Slosh Tubes and Clubbells (the name comes from the idea of working out at home – in your own element). Add in a Physioball and Pull-up Bar and you are ready to go. Warning:  K-Element is as difficult as K-Challenge!

About the time I finished those 3 programs, I had received tons of requests for a program for people who were overweight and/or totally out of shape. “What if I can’t do K-Fit?” was the question. After working on a number of workouts for some people in my life, I decided to put it all together and created K-Basic. K-Basic only requires a Physioball and is designed to get that core strength and your overall fitness level up in order to move into K-Fit.

Finally, if you like exercising outside with a group of friends, then K-Bootcamp is for you. There are even trainers around the country (some international) who are running people through K-Bootcamp as their class. I love hearing those stories (and no, I don’t charge any royalties. Have at it!).

There you go. What program(s) have you tried?  Which ones do you like the best? Please share your thoughts and comments on the post.

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