Where is Kemme Fitness going in 2013 and beyond – a mission statement is born.

Don’t worry, I didn’t write another long dissertation on the journey behind Kemme Fitness!

Kemme Fitness, however, has gone through some changes since I first put it online in 2010.  For that early history lesson, feel free to kill your time reading here. Essentially I created a variation on Crossfit and Gym Jones. For a variety of reasons, I moved towards helping runners and also away from barbells. For my break with Crossfit (not that Crossfit even knew we were dating), click here for a post on my stance on Crossfit.

Ok, enough history. We are here in 2013 with 5 different 12 week programs, an app (Blackberry only at this point), free books (click on the links to the right), and hundreds of other workouts. Oh, and don’t forget the new Bonus Circuits and Warm-up circuits at the links on the right also to make sure each workout is perfect for you. Outside of that app, everything else on this website is totally free.

Why do I have this site, with blog posts every day or two consistently for three years with no revenue? Why are most of my Functional Fitness workouts done with bodyweight or very light weights – heaviest being kettlebells and 30 pound slosh tubes?

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Angry Ronin Publishing (a joint company between the owner of Angry Ronin Software and myself) are still planning on expanding the platforms for the apps later this year and into next year. I plan on continuing to add workouts for both the gym and at home. I plan on continuing to write amazing and uberintellectual posts to help guide you and share with you and to create discussion in and around Functional Fitness. I also plan on continuing to respond to emails and comments individually and with the uptmost honesty and respect. I enjoy sharing and this journey is nowhere near being done!

I’ll take a stab at a basic mission statement:

Kemme Fitness is about sharing – to the readers and by the readers – all aspects of Functional Fitness and health in general. Our goal is to share wide-ranging resources and tools to help each and every reader to achieve a well-balanced level of Functional Fitness.

I’ve brought you to the water my friends. Time to take a drink!

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    1. Kemme Fitness

      I think that is right up our alley, don’t you? Looks like it is core-centered, works movements instead of muscles, develops more than just strength, and seems to utilize HIIT to some degree. Wallah, 4 dimensions of Functional Fitness!

      You’re basically a Kemme Fitness expert at this point Aaron. What are your thoughts?

  1. Aaron

    I would not call it the ‘ultimate functional strength routine’ (a few of the K-Fit workouts put this one to shame), but I think a lot of the exercises are good. The whole middle section with hurdles will not be applicable to a lot of us as we don’t have access to the equipment, but I can totally see how those exercises would benefit serious runners.

    I particularly like the idea of the bootstrapper, goblet hearbeat and kettle bell deadlift. I might give those a try as a bonus during my next workout.

    Off the top of my head: For the waiter walk, I would actually make small circles with the weight above my head to engage more core muscles to maintain balance during the walk.

    For the suitcase carry, I would swing the weight in a semi-circle around my body – also to engage more core muscles to maintain balance while walking.

    You could also do a waiter walk lunge. As I learned today while doing slosh tube overhead press lunge walks, holding just about anything overhead makes lunges really hard.

    Here’s a new one I just thought of: Clubbell Barbarian Wall Sit: Get into a standard wall sit, but instead of just sitting there using your legs, engage the core by holding a club bell in front of you with arms extended. Maybe bring it in and out to your chest every two seconds. I just tried it with no weight at all, and I could totally feel my core; whereas, with a standard wall sit, I can let my core muscles go slack.

    With a light enough clubbell, you could also do alternating clubbell torch presses during the wall sit.

    I will give these a try tonight. Let me know what you think.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      Aaron, you are a sick, sick man (welcome to the club). Adding clubbells to wall-sits? Really? What’s next, Overhead Slosh Tube Wall Sit Hold?!

      I think it is time for you to create an entire workout (if you haven’t already) to share with others 🙂

      1. Aaron

        As I tell my kids, I love them all the same. Secretly though, I really like my 11 pound clubbell. Even though my last couple of workouts have not called for them, I have thrown in clubbell swipes. It just feels good to burn out a set of 10 on each side at the end of a workout. Physiologically speaking, I find that the clubbell exercises require more and different core muscles than the slosh tube movements.

        Working with a slosh tube probably looks more impressive to the uninitiated, but swinging a clubbell around really satisfies a sort of primal urge.

      2. Aaron

        Definitely. I actually did a good one on my own earlier this week. I ran home at lunch (a very good benefit of living close to work) but forgot my keys, so I could not look up a K-element workout to do. Luckily, I store my equipment outside. I improvised a workout with the exercises i have learned from K-element, K-FIt, and K-Challenge. Each move, made me think of another – some I had not done in quite a while. I kept adding more and more until I ran out of time.

        I will try to write up a workout this weekend and send it to you.

        1. Kemme Fitness

          I have to agree. I was amored by the slosh tube for a while, but there is just something about the clubbell, especially the Swipes and the Barbarian Squats. My muscles don’t get as tired with the clubbell, but I feel so much stronger later on from the clubbell movements.

          And I would love to post a workout if you are willing. I’ve been posting about every 2 days average for over 3 years now. I could use the help 🙂

          1. Aaron R.

            Ok, you asked for it. I wrote up what I think is a well-rounded workout and bonus round. If you want me to try it out first, I can do it tomorrow. Let me know how to send it to you.

          2. Kemme Fitness

            Awesome! Go ahead and email it to me if you want at kemmestudios@altelco.net. I can’t wait to try it out! Just to make sure, you don’t mind sharing it here for folks to use whenever they want? You might become famous in Australia, so be prepared 🙂

  2. Kemme Fitness

    The big question for you too, Aaron, is which of your new toys do you love better – clubbell or slosh tube?

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