What is your favorite workout format at Kemme Fitness?

One of the main reasons I even started Kemme Fitness in the beginning was that I craved variety. I needed to do different exercises in different ways in order to keep my head in the game. For those that use this site, I often hear that they love the variety the most.

One of the ways we add variety here is in the actual workout formats.  A typical format could be “the list” format, in which you go down a list doing the prescribed number of each exercise until you reach the bottom. You are then done for the day.

We have many variations on this “list” format. For example, the Over the Hill workout has you increase repetitions as you move along exercises down the list, but then you have to reverse the order.

Other formats utilize a number of circuits, usually 2 to 4. You do circuit #1 as many times as suggested, then move onto circuit #2, etc.

We have some other interesting formats such as the various “power of ten” or “power of 20” workouts. In those you typically have to do 10 or 20 repetitions of a specific exercise after each of many other exercises in a list.

We have a link for the Deck of Cards workout. The Luck of the Draw is unique, where you draw exercises out of a hat. Rapid Fire and HIIT workouts are a slight twist on things as well.  Check out our At Home, At the Gym, or Beginner workout pages for many other ideas. 

Our At Home pages has some interesting workouts for a local track or that involve running. Don’t forget our Urban or Rural Runs. The list goes on.

If you have been doing some of these, please let us know which formats are your favorite. Are there any you would like to see more of?  We would love to hear from you.

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