Using the Kemme Fitness website

I know my really cool design of Kemme Fitness is simplistic and minimalistic and just plain…well…awesome!  I realize that many of you will just look at it and wonder at my design skills for hours on end. However, for those of you that are able to move past my mad blog design skills, you may wonder exactly how to use the website. 

Bragging aside, this site is quite content rich. Ok, that does still sound like bragging I guess, but my point is that it can be a bit overwhelming due to the amount of content here.  To deal with this, I decided to put a little post together to help guide you.

For starters, I do have an ABOUT page like most sites, and there is quite a bit there to help you, so I won’t retype it here.

To merely get full access to all the free workouts, look at the right under the heading for workouts (or click on Workouts on top menu) and see the 3 pages (At Home, Beginners, and At The Gym). Each of those pages has some explanations and then there are dozens and dozens of workouts to click on.  Just click on the name and it will take you directly to each workout.
If there is an exercise you are unfamiliar with, or want extra help in knowing proper form, and if the workout does not already provide a video link, then go to the EXERCISE page. There you will find every single exercise we do with video links for each one. Just find it in the list (under equipment headings such as Pull-up bar, bodyweight, Physioball, etc), click on title of the exercise, and watch the video.
Those few pages should cover most of what you need to workout and use the website, however, we do provide tons of more resources here.
If you want to buy equipment, order books I recommend, go to our RESOURCES page. There you will see our 12 week programs (K-Fit, K-Challenge, and K-Element) as well as K-Crosstrain (an 8 week program for runners). Those programs are also on the side bars at all times – just look for the awesomely bright colored images. 
K-Fit is a 12 introductory program and I highly recomment it for those new to Kemme Fitness. You can then graduate up to K-Challenge. If you workout at home and are willing to make a Clubbell and Slosh Tube, then K-Element is for you.
If you don’t know what a Clubbell or Slosh Tube are, then downloard The Low Cost Gym for free and obtain instructions on how to make them.
Don’t forget to look on the right side bar to join us on Facebook, Twitter, or to see all my videos on my Youtube page. Also on the right side bar are links to my favorite websites, tags, RSS feeds, and recent comments. Also you can search archived posts or click on categories to find them (well over 100 and counting).
I have of course my terms of use, blah blah, and a click link to my videos up on the top menu as well.
That should about cover it.  Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve.

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