thoughts on a series of Functional Fitness clinics

Remember:  Kemme Fitness is about sharing.

I share what I’ve learned and the programs/exercises/workouts I’ve found or created with all of you. At times, I need you to share with me. This is one of those times.

I want to float an idea by all of my followers. Even if you are new to Kemme Fitness, feel free to weigh in by leaving a comment.

Essentially I am contemplating some Functional Fitness clinics in 2013. To give some background, I ran bootcamps in 2012. I learned some lessons about how they work and how folks will come up with any excuse to avoid exercising. I had over 2 dozen people signed up, but only a handful (or less) would show up at times. Hint: pick a set # of weeks and collect up front.

I was thinking of using those lessons and retrying a bootcamp in 2013, however, even a 6 week committment can be difficult with vacations, family, and work. Hence, the idea of a clinic.

Here are my thoughts so far:
– I would run a 1-time, 2 or 3 hour (time is flexible) block on a Saturday
-I would cover the 4 Dimensions of Functional Fitness
-I would cover what this website has to offer
-I would assess each participant to determine where they can begin (K-Basic or K-fit, etc).
-I would go over the basic and essential movements such as Squats, Push-ups, Burpees, Animal Walks, etc. with demonstrations and participation by clients
-I would cover common sore areas for beginners and address them for each participant
-Essentially I would go over everything in the Kemme Fitness User Guide while giving individual recommendations to each participant.
-I would also show off various types of homemade equipment and give demonstrations.
clubbbells 002a
Here are some questions I have off the top of my head.
Price? $35 too high?
How many people would be a max? I know I can handle up to 20 folks, especially with my wife there, but would people feel there are too many there?
What do I call these people? Clients? Participants? Hmmmm
What else would be of value in a clinic? If I can get folks up to speed, they can have all the free resources they need on the website.
Let me know your thoughts and or advice. If you lived near me, would you sign up?  If so, what would you pay and what would you expect in return?

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  1. Dave Hosfelt

    I don’t know Pete. I realize your bootcamp in 2012 did not work out the way you hoped it would but I am not sure you scrap that whole idea for a one time clinic. I am not sure who your customer would be. In the clinic scenario, It sounds like you are looking for someone who is not familiar with your program. They will come and learn about the whole thing for a couple hours and than leave and implement in their own lives? I am speaking as someone who is already familiar with your program and utilizes it (allbeit not so much recently, damn holiday’s!) I would not get as much from this clinic. However, if you were to attempt another bootcamp class with some modifications that allow it work better for you..that is something that would interest me. I would think others who already follow your blog and your program might feel similarly….on a side note, WOW that is some nice grass!

  2. Dave Hosfelt

    more thoughts..I guess what I am saying is that peoole who know you and are familiar with your program might want to show up on Satruday and get a kick ass work out in than get back to the family…

    1. Kemme Fitness

      Thanks Dave. You bring up some excellent points. And….my wife is in charge of the grass. It’s like carpet 🙂

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