Sometimes you just have to switch in the middle of your 12 week Functional Fitness program

I would strongly argue most people want somebody to tell them what to do when it comes to exercising. They want a trainer at the fitness club or some dude in spandex shouting orders from the television via a workout DVD. Even here on Kemme Fitness, I learned folks prefer to download one of our 12 week fitness programs versus scrolling through the archived workout pages.

I get it.

There is something said about not figuring out your workout for the day. If you are doing K-Fit and are on week 4, the third day, then you know exactly what workout to do. All you have to do is get into your exercise clothes and go. Not to mention, there is always that sense of accomplishment when completing a full 12 week program. You can say “I finished K-Challenge” , and believe me that bringsĀ some serious bragging rights! šŸ™‚

What you lose, however, is some flexibility. If everybody was honest, I am sure many would admit they don’t follow the workout schedule perfectly. Projects, chores, kids, work, you know…life getsĀ in the way. And when life gets in the way, we sometimes have to adjust our schedules.

What if, let’s say, you are in the middle of K-Challenge, but you end up missing a whole week? You could begin where you left off, but for many of us, that runs the risk of causing some soreness in our muscles. Why not, on your first day back at it, pull out K-Fit or K-Basic and do something slightly easier?

Here is the best reason to switch programs – weather.Ā  A great example here is this time of year brings about more indoor exercising. Us lucky folks here in Michigan usually run out of good weather and are forced indoors, andĀ K-Fit and K-Challenge are perfect for the indoors. But then, like we had this last weekend, a beautifully warm days blesses us. There is no way my wife is going to spend 45 minutes inside.

Guess what?

Out comes K-Bootcamp and our group is outside loving the weather.Ā  We were cursing the workout, but nonetheless, seized the day and loved the weather!

kemme fitness 052j

Currently, I have all 5 fitness programs printed out and ready to go. I have a few other workouts from the archived pages thrown in and so…ta da…I have flexibility.Ā  I simply grab the program that best suits our condition…or our weather.

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