so what do you wear when you exercise?


Oh, the 80’s!  I miss them so.

So do you wear expensive, matching athletic gear?


Or do you wear something a little more creative?


Personally, I prefer to save money.  If you have been reading Kemme Fitness for any length of time, you should know how I am about staying functionally fit while spending little money.  Hence, The Low Cost Gym ebook I created for you to download. 

I found some shorts for sale at Target, which cost me about $8 to $10 a pair.  For shirts, I just take my normal t-shirts that are now too short, torn, dirty, etc. and turn them into my fitness shirts.  Essentially I wear the oldest, rattiest clothes I have. Top it off by not wearing any socks or shoes.  Ta, da, low cost fitness clothing.


What do you wear?  Do you have to have some nice, thin material? You wear a kilt? Tell us. Leave a comment.

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