Kemme Fitness wants to take a second to shout out to the folks in Australia


Kemme Fitness is not surprisingly most popular in the United States. My originally following was local and my biggest proponent was (and still is) Jason Robillard from Barefoot Running University, whose largest following was also in the United States.

However, people from all over the world are downloading our free 12 week Functional Fitness programs and trying them out. There are even trainers running full bootcamps using K-Fit or now K-Bootcamp.

I know where in the world Kemme Fitness is being used as resource because of some very complicated calculations. Ok, actually (my blog host) provides easy to use statistics by simply going to my dashboard. They even have this cool map of the world and tell me from what country folks are coming to Kemme Fitness. Don’t worry, it doesn’t spy on you, it just helps me to obsess over things like what search terms bring people to me. Yes, you can have an entirely new addiction of just analysing statistics concerning your website!  FYI, these are not my stats in the image below, but that is what they look like.


Anyway, I noticed an increasing trend this year.  Kemme Fitness is being more and more popular in Australia.  I have no idea why this is. Maybe there is a lack of fitness facilities on the island and so a Functional Fitness resource for exercising at home website/blog such as Kemme Fitness is one of the only options. Maybe it’s because the word “Kemme” is similar to some unique Australian word for beer (yes I know you speak English in Australia….just humor me).

Whatever the reason the men and women from Australia (what I think is the coolest country in the world) are coming to Kemme Fitness, I just want to say welcome. Yes, Welcome to Kemme Fitness and thank you so much for your support!

If you are from Australia, let me know what you like here on Kemme Fitness. What would you want to see more of (or less of). Leave a comment.

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  1. Matt

    Pete – I’m from the land down under, and my guess at your popularity down here is in part due to our awesome weather – we have plenty of gyms, but why would you want to be stuck inside one when you can take your workouts outside for free! That, and we prefer to save our money for Kemme beer!

  2. Kemme Fitness

    I am so jealous about the weather. We typically have winter from October/November to April/May, although the last year had some high winter temps at times. We already have had to do our weekend bootcamp with friends/church down in our basement. I miss the outdoors! Maybe I need to actually develop Kemme Beer to help me through the season 🙂

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