Kemme Fitness junkies, runners, trainers, newbies, and the all out crazies

Do you use the resources here at Kemme Fitness?  If so, you are among interesting company.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some very dynamic and diverse folks over the last several years thanks to this little website. I still blame Jason Robillard from Barefoot Running University for setting me on this journey, which has become almost an obsession for me now.  Day job, overtime, kids, family, friends, church, sports, chores, all leave plenty of time to devote to this! Thanks Jason!! If you didn’t read sarcasm into that, please do.

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Any way I do enjoy meeting those new to Kemme Fitness. I welcome any emails or Facebook contacts asking about setting goals, which programs to use, etc. It is almost as exciting as when a new coworker joins me for the first time at work, or a friend tries out our weekend bootcamp in the summer.

Runners are a large market share so to say of Kemme Fitness users.  Thanks to articles, posts, and references, runners are learning how important crosstraining is for their goals of running marathons and ulta marathons. And thanks to these supporters, Kemme Fitness has been recognized as a go-to place for runners looking to crosstrain.  I’d say it is because of my amazingly creative additions, but I think it comes down to price – can’t beat free!

The newest group of Kemme Fitness fanatics are, I’m happy to say, trainers. More and more certified trainers are using the resources here (especially the 12 week programs) to run fitness bootcamps. I love hearing about how folks are doing K-Fit and K-Bootcamp training camps and how trainers are able to make some money without having to design their programs. Yes, if you are a trainer, just use whatever you find of value here. Go ahead and charge money. You don’t have to hide it from me – in fact please let me know how it goes. I share freely (not including upcoming app release).

Then there are the KF junkies. I love you guys that eat up everything I throw out there! My wife would say you are nuts for listening to what I say, but I can’t tell you enough how appreciative I am of the support. KF would not be here if it wasn’t for you folks.


And a sub-set group of the junkies are the crazies. Yes, you know who you are. If you have done K-Element or K-Challenge and think “what else ya got Pete?” then you are a crazy. You scare me, but I welcome you as well. And thanks also for your support.

Just remember, whether you are new, crazy, or a regular, feel free to email me or Facebook me with any questions.

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  1. steveygaddis

    Kemme… I do enjoy your site…and I do use some of your workouts w/ my clients. I just wish the world could be a healthier place. I am constantly trying to find ways to get the people who really need to change their lifestyle to change interested. Maybe, something will click…and a group of us will have the next big idea….keep creating!

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