Kemme Fitness in 2011


Happy new year!

Well after reviewing the last six months and the comments we received, I reassessed where to take this new year. The majority of the interest has been in the homemade equipment and the “at home” workouts.  I took a look at the archived workouts and see that there are plenty to do in the gym, but I was lacking for the home.  I will spend time over the first part of  this year building up the available workouts to do at home with various low priced equipment (if no equipment at all).  Since I am still training here at work in the conveniently provided free gym, I will still create new workouts for use at the gym to add as well, but again the emphasis will be to add to the  “at home” archives.

On a more fun note, I was happy with the Gymboss Interval Timer review video, that I went and finally made an official “Kemme Fitness” video.  Of course, I still stuck with u2 for my music choice.  I have a link below to check it out.  Let me know what you think.

And keep it up. Don’t forget to share the site with friends. I am trying to provide as much resources as I can for everybody, so don’t be a hog.  Also, don’t forget to add some comments here and there to keep us all interested.

Pete Kemme


Kemme Fitness Video

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