K-Fit coming soon

Hello everyone,

I finally got the message and will answer it with K-Fit.  Trying to improve the user friendliness (if that is a word) of Kemme Fitness is a tough job. I recently received some direction, however, by means of a request for an actual program.

We have K-Crosstrain, which is a quasi-program, giving runners workouts to use for 8 weeks to get used to cross-training.

K-Fit is going to be a complete 12 week program. It will have a weekly schedule with corresponding workouts for each week. I decided to put everybody on the 4 day a week workout plan that has been serving me well for years.

The workouts will not be completely brand new, which will have a benefit for you when you do transition over to the archived workouts here on the site. As with K-Crosstrain, K-Fit will be a pdf file, easily downloadable and for free. So stay tuned.

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  1. Shane

    Awesome! I! Can’t! Wait!

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