K-Fit App to be released

We can’t help but to be excited about the soon released K-Fit app for Blackberry and Android tablets. K-Fit is Kemme Fitness’ introductory 12 week Functional Fitness program. And special thanks to Shane Wickson from Angry Ronin Software for his dedication to Functional Fitness and the K-Fit app project!


The app is essentially the same as the downloadable 12 week program but with some awesome benefits. For starters, the app walks you through the entire workout. If you have to do 30 seconds of an exercise, just click on it and the timer begins for you. The app cycles through the entire workout and it records your stats – stats such as the time it took you to do the workout, and if you utilize a heart rate monitor you can record those results as well.

You will have access to your log at any time, as well as a very useful calendar. Simply pick your start date and the days you like to exercise, and the calendar does the rest. The calendar is also flexible enough to keep you on task if you end up missing days or switch around some workouts.

What, don’t remember what a Psycho Push-up is?  Just click on the exericse and the app will take you to the Youtube video demonstration.  Everything you need to run a workout will be at your fingertips.

Stay tuned for updates, and share the buzz!

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  1. Shane

    I’m so excited that this is finally coming to pass. We could do the iPhone/iPad port before the Android/Kindle Fire port if more people would be interested in that.

    1. Yetta

      Right now my personal interest is for Apple ios app, I too would test the app if you need it. I have a strong apple background as to my employment requires it 🙂 …. also my kids have the droid so we could test that also…

      1. Kemme Fitness

        I’ll let Shane know. Hopefully we will be testing the Andoid later this year. The Blackberry platform is proving to be less than popular.

  2. wade

    Has pricing been established? FYI, I am an iPhone user.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      That is actually a question for Shane, but he might not have that finalized yet. Thanks for the feedback Wade on the phone.

  3. Aaron

    Howdy: Is Shane still looking for Beta testers for the Android version? If so, I will sign up via his site. Looking forward to giving it a shot.

  4. Kemme Fitness

    Aaron, I’ll check. I think he was ready to just publish it once we get our business in order.

  5. Shane

    Aaron, the iPhone and Android versions have yet to be ported. I will be actively seeking beta testers when I do that. Hopefully it won’t be more than a few months out. I have not decided which port to do first. Maybe Pete should do a poll?

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