K-Element is being fire tested by Seth Crooks

I realize K-Element is not for everybody.  By the very nature of the required equipment, which includes a Clubbell and a Slosh Tube, there are only a select few who will even attempt it. I created K-Element as the third 12-week Functional Fitness program, and it was geared towards those fiscal souls who have homemade equipment at their homes.

For those of you who wish you were as strange and this odd group, just download The Low Cost Gym and learn how to make your own equipment.

My friend, Seth Crooks, is one of those weird folks who run around their house carrying large amounts of water filled PVC pipe. As far as I’m aware, Seth is the first person to take a full test run at K-Element. As of this writing he in weeks 7 & 8.  He promises to give us a full report on what he liked.  So far, I’ve heard some kind words, some swear words, and some just plain strange looks when he talks about it.

Is anybody else trying out K-Element?  Let us know what you think.

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  1. Aaron

    I just finished Week 1, Workout #3 while my older son and wife were busy working in the yard. I really liked this one, but i noticed that my quads burning a lot during the leg raises. Kind of odd. Have you ever felt that burn? I wonder if I am not doing them quite right.

    When I do leg raises, I start with one in the middle, go to the right, back to the middle, to the left and then back to the middle for 5. I have no real rationale for doing it this way, but I figure that swinging my legs out to the sides works additional core muscles. Any thoughts?

    After breaking another club bell from my first batch a couple of weeks ago, I made another today. This time, I used a 2 foot piece of rebar, which runs down the middle. Hopefully, this one will be strong. The club bell I just broke was doing fine until I bumped it and it fell down the stairs.

    Finally, I made two more slosh tubes yesterday – one 3″ 8-footer and a 2″ 10-footer. I like both a lot and plan to use them in combination with the big 3″ 10-footer, which, for now, is a bit hard to control. As I was making the 8-footer, my son was drawing and writing on it with a marker. Thanks to him, it is now called “BUTT.”

    I like K-Fit, but I am finding K-Element to be more interesting and fun.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      Sounds like your Leg Raises are closer to Floor Wipers. I give you credit for doing them that way, as that is much harder. And yes, depending on what else is tired on my body, Leg Raises tend to burn my quads.

      I hope your clubbells work out. I have also added some sand on top of the ones with little cement to help fill ’em out to keep them strong. It is harder to cap that way though, as the sand leaks easier.

      I love the name of your latest slosh tube – ha ha.

      4 of us did a K-Element workout today (weeks 3 & 4, #4). It was brutal. Slosh Tube Overhead Lunges and Slosh Tube Press/Squat Combos were killer. I’m still exhausted, but I love the variety and uniqueness of the equipment with K-Element. K-Bootcamp is a great alternative with it also for outdoors. The beauty of doing all the programs is when you just go back and pick and choose depending on who is working out with you.

  2. Aaron


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