it may be good to complain during your workout

I used to think there was something wrong with me because I have always enjoyed people’s complaints when they were doing some of my Functional Fitness workouts. I mean, was a sadist? It seemed like the more pissing and moaning I heard, the more I smiled.

Well I have come realize why I enjoyed the complaining so much over the years. For starters, some of it is just plain funny. The words that spew out of a person’s mouth when you call out that they have to do 20 Burpees is hilarious! Some people are better than others at this and I love having them around.

I have to admit, that another reason I enjoy the complaints, is that it means I had obviously created a tough and challenging workout. As a trainer, this is indicative of success. If my workouts were too easy, you might get a “gee, thanks. I’m glad to workout today,” but not “I truly hate you and if I could move right now I would walk over there and pumble you!” That latter statement just brings a smile to my face 🙂

Most of the complaining I hear is during the workout. Even if some of it is before the workout, and maybe a few comments after the workout, the workouts are still getting completed. That’s right, for all those folks during all those years that maybe spitted and sputtered from start to finish, they at least finished. And you know what?  They came back for more.

It is also great to hear people play off each other. And what that has done is that it has created comradeship amoung those being trained.

So next time you are working out in a group while doing a Functional Fitness workout, feel free to make vague threats to the trainer and suggest that 20 Burpees was supposed to be slurpees instead. You are not only bonding with your fellow exercisers, but you just might bring a smile to your trainer’s face.

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  1. Lawrence

    The best is when about 1/2 way through the workout it has become so difficult that ppl stop complaining b/c they don’t even have the energy to open their mouths & bitch at you!!! Can anyone say animal day? 🙂 🙂

    It’s also satisfying when you get a person who doesn’t swear to actually go against their moral outlook in life & drop an f-bomb b/c the work out is so darn difficult. Right Val? 🙂

  2. Seth

    Nice post, but your still a… alright I’ll save it for the next workout. 🙂

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