I need some advice. Remember, Kemme Fitness is about sharing both directions!

I am struggling yet again with my book idea.  Originally (back in the summer of 2010) I wrote my first fitness ebook, titled The Body That God Intended Us To USE. If you remember it, sorry.  You will notice it is no longer to be found. There were a few reasons for removing it, but the main one was that I found no market for it.

The book focused on how to create exercises and workouts to push people to be independent, but I learned that folks really just wanted their workouts handed to them. It makes sense. Not everybody enjoys sitting around, developing workouts. I’m usually sober just so you know 🙂

I next created The Low Cost Gym, which is a great (yes I bragged) ebook and not necessary something that I cared to get published, although it might make a cute novelty book.

I recently finished my final draft of another book idea. In this book, I took the science/research from The Body That God Intended Us To USE, the ideas from The Low Cost Gym, and put them together to develop a fitness book that is more like a guide to the Kemme Fitness website. I thought about putting a book together with exercises in it, but we have way too many here and we keep adding new ones, so the book would be outdated before it would be published.

I guess what it comes down to, is I would like some feedback as to the idea for this book.  I love writing and have no problem changing things up.  I provided the table of contents below. Let me know what you think, or if you have other ideas of what you would want to see in a bookstore someday.




Part I – What Kemme Fitness Looks Like

     Chapter 1 – The Exercises We Do

     Chapter 2 – The Equipment We Use

     Chapter 3 – Why I Started Kemme Fitness

Part II – The Functional Fitness Revolution

     Chapter 4 – Functional Fitness Defined

     Chapter 5 – High Intensity Interval Training

     Chapter 6 – Change in Thinking

     Chapter 7 – The Revolution is Here

Part III – How to Begin Kemme Fitness

     Chapter 8 – The Mental Game

     Chapter 9 – Common Weak Body Parts

     Chapter 10 – A Few Extra Tips on Safety

     Chapter 11 – Mastering the Big Three

Part IV – Using the Website and Actually Working Out

     Chapter 12 – Finding Workouts for You

     Chapter 13 – Working Out at a Gym

     Chapter 14 – Working Out at Home

Part V – Sample Workouts

     Chapter 15 – Decoding the Workouts


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  1. It might just be the fitness nerd in me, but I’d love to see some sciency stuff about the reason you use the exercises you do. Also, some tips for programming. I remember after I read you ebook that I had no concept of how to really program a Kemme Fitness workout of my own.

    But those are advanced topics, maybe not appropriate for the book you plan. Maybe a book just for me!

  2. Kemme Fitness

    I do have the sciency stuff in there. The first ebook would have been perfect for you. I can always send you an email with it. I had tips in finding Functional Fitness exercises and putting them together to make your own workouts. Or I can just give you my secrets. I’ll give you sneak peak – it usually involves wine or wheat beer

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