Have you met my friend Jason Robillard?

I’m sure there are many out there who only know about Kemme Fitness because of Jason Robillard and his insanely popular blog at Barefoot Running University.

For those of you that haven’t met Jason Robillard, let me explain why you should. 

Most people know Jason as a leading expert in barefoot and minimalist running. His incredibly popular book, The Barefoot Running Book, has sold over 25,000 copies in the 2nd edition. His third edition, which is going to be even more refined, streamlined, and informative, is coming out soon.

But you’re not a barefoot runner?  So why would you want to meet him? Be patient.

Jason had been a high school psychology teacher with a history background. He is also one of the original partners I had while developing Kemme Fitness, so his knowledge on Functional Fitness is also vast.  He is still sharing with others the benefit of our workouts as he trains for crazy 100 mile races.

Another interesting twist that adds to Jason’s experience, is that 2011 marked the year that his wife, Shelly, and he retired from teaching, moved into an RV and have been traveling the country (and the world) teaching about running in proper form, among other things.  The people they have come in contact with, the diverse environments they have learned to exericse/run in, have added to Jason’s tool box.

Jason’s blogs and social media connections have provided precious feedback from all types of people who are engaged in all types of fitness programs. Because I monitor his sites, we have learned together many things about how people exercise. This is also where his educational knowledge plays into things, as he adds insight into the way human beings process information and relate with each other.

Besides, there would be no Kemme Fitness.com if Jason hadn’t had a few beers with me a year and a half ago and talked me into it.  He has always been encouraging me to join him in his quest to share information freely to people who could benefit from it. 

Want to know why things at Kemme Fitness are free?  It is because Jason pointed out how sharing with others is the only way to engage in a business like this (especially when I have a day job). Greed, as so many websites are clearly about, will only close you off to growth.

And yes, I do run barefoot at times. And yes, I always workout barefoot. I have talked about it many times already here and here and here and here. I do it not just because it feels great, but there are some benefits that I explain in some of those posts.

Even if you never run barefoot, nor exercise barefoot, nor want to wear more flexible shoes as you workout, the information you can gleam from spending some time reading the ramblings of Jason Robillard will give you more knowledge in your tool box, so you can move forward with a healthy, well balanced, fitness program.

And if you follow his travels and see that he is coming to your town (or county), make sure you pay him a visit.  Bring a good wheat beer with you and he’ll sit down with you, believe me, you will be glad you did.

Say hi for me (he won’t come back to Michigan in winter).  So not fair!

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  1. Shane

    Met him? I once had dinner with him in a shady bar named “La Iguana Enojada” just outside of Acuna in Mexico. Or maybe it was at an “On the Border” in Burleson, TX. Whatever. It was my brush with barefoot running greatness.

    What Jason and Shelly are doing is amazing. And they really know their stuff.

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