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There you go, 5 complete Functional Fitness programs.

I never would have thought sharing some workouts with friends years ago would turn into the development of twelve week programs, let alone 5 of them. But the demand arose and the ideas flowed, and so the programs emerged. They darn near created themselves really.

A quick run down for those new to these programs: Let’s say you are overweight and totally out of shape. K-Basic only requires a $10 Physioball and you have 12 weeks. If you are in better shape and still can only afford the Physioball, you simply double the rounds on the circuits or add some bonus circuits in order to make K-Basic work for you.

For most people, such as runners and those who have been doing other forms of fitness, K-Fit would be the initial program for you. It is the introductory program with the required equipment being a Pull-up bar, Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, and Physioball. Once you finish K-Fit, you can go right into K-Challenge, which requires the same equipment, but is (obviously) more of a challenge.

K-Element was created for people working out at home who have created Clubbells and Slosh Tubes. Throw in a Medicine Ball and Pull-up Bar and I dare you to try this program!

Finally, I created K-Bootcamp for the specific purpose of working out with friends outside, or for trainers to use in their own bootcamps. I had learned of folks running groups through K-Fit, but K-Bootcamp is even easier to set up and more tailored to the class setting. (Just so you know, I don’t care if you make money off of me – someday I’ll figure out how to do that myself).

Will there be more in the future? Who knows. But for now, I would love to hear some feedback.
What program or programs have you done?
How did you like it?
Which ones would you recommend to friends?
Have you run a class using the programs, and if so, how did it go?
Are you looking forward to the K-Fit app for tablets to come out this year?
Are you doing a program now? If so, how is it going for you?

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  1. Eetu

    Greetings from Finland!

    I found your great website last November when I was searching for a fitness/strength program to support my running/cardio training (I was just starting working out/doing cardio at the start of the November).

    I chose the K-Basic program and I’ve liked it a lot. Because I do quite much running and other cardio training, I haven’t done K-Basic workouts so often as the program suggest. This is my 12 week following your program and I just finished week 6. So 1-2 workouts / week, although I’ve picked up the pace and currently do 2-3 K-basic workouts per week.

    My favourite workout so far has been Weeks 5 & 6 workout #3, I liked the little sprints between the excercies. Weeks 3 & 4 workout #3 (lunge/bear walks between excercises) was quite/fun demanding but at the same time very rewarding once you finished the circuits.

    Once I’ve finished K-Basic, I think I try the K-Fit or Crosstrain. Didn’t know about the K-Fit app coming this year, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

    Keep up the great work, I’m really appreciating and enjoying it!

    1. Kemme Fitness

      Eetu, first off, I love your name! And I love the fact you are from Finland. I’m glad you like K-Basic. I would recommend K-Fit over K-Crosstrain. K-Crosstrain was my first attempt at a program and K-Fit was my “2nd attempt,” and one I feel is more complete. Plus,if you finish K-Fit, you can go right into K-Challenge because they use the same 4 pieces of equipment.

      1. Eetu

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll take a closer look of K-Fit (and K-Challenge) after I’ve finished K-Basic.

  2. Paul

    I’ve done K-Fit, K-Challenge, and K-Element, and enjoyed them all. I’m a 50-something former cyclist and multi-sport athlete and have had to reinvent myself after some injuries. I used K-Fit to train for the Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint last year and felt like my conditioning was spot on. I did reasonably well, placing at about the top third in my heat and overall. I’m now doing selected workouts from the list and whatever looks interesting from your posts. My workout pattern was Kemme two days, run, Kemme two days, run, then rest. I found that was a little too taxing with not enough rest. Now I do Kemme two days, run, then rest one day. That gives me enough recovery time to hit each work day hard. Keep up the good work, Pete. I really appreciate what you’re doing.

    1. Kemme Fitness

      I love seeing somebody get use out of the resources here. I’m glad they are working out for you and your 2nd workout pattern looks perfect with 3 days and then a day of rest. You are quite the inspiration – keep it up!

  3. wade

    sorry it has taken me this long to reply. At 70-something many of your readers probably consider me old – I don’t. I have been a runner since my 20’s and been able to place well in local races. My problem was that I neglected doing any strength work. I wanted to gain functional fitness and tried crossfit endurance which turned out to be too challenging – cant do muscle ups or handstand push-ups. I started with K-basic but moved to K-fit after about 4 weeks. I needed the additional challenge. K-fit has been perfect I use that that program 3-4 times a week to supplement my running. I run 6 days a week about 30-35 miles.

    I highly recommend thi s to other fellow runners. I feel my running has improved.


    1. Kemme Fitness

      First off, thank you for sharing. Secondly, that is quite impressive – not only that you into K-Fit so easily, but the sheer amount of activity you do in a week. You are quite the inspiration. And thanks for the recommendation!

  4. wade

    I would like to follow up to explain why I like this program and why I think other runners of any age should consider integrating this program into their endurance fitness plan.

    1) most endurance athletes do not include functional strength exercise. I was one of those, however, as I aged and visited my mother in a retirement center I was appauld at the assistance these residents required. When doing K-fit I struggle with the upper body exercise. My push-ups are getting there but I need assistance with pull-ups. These muscles are used in sprints dueling running and biking as well.
    2) many of the kettlebell exercises focus on the posterior chain muscles. These are the main muscles used for running.
    3) then Plyometrics exercises will help any runner with leg speed and balance. I struggled with the Burbees initially, but, they are getting better. You would fall over laughing if you saw me doing Medicine Ball Sliders. As I progress I would like to add some rope skipping at the end.
    3) while flexibility is not the main focus of the program, I do think it helps. I try to do some foam rolling when I have a chance.

    I do have a question about warmups, what do you suggest, I have been doing the great 8.
    I think some of the K-basic exercises are great warms for a run.

    Thanks so much for posting these plans

  5. Kemme Fitness

    Yes, warm-ups are something I haven’t really shared well here at Kemme Fitness. I added warm-ups to the up coming app for K-Fit coming out in the next few weeks, but there isn’t anything on the site really. Some workouts have them built in, but not all of them. I think 2013 might see the addition of specific warm-up circuits.

  6. steveygaddis

    In response to wade…Functional fitness is the way to go for anyway. From your everyday working class to atheletes in any sport. That type of training is just plain good for everyday life, kids in their sports, seniors in the daily life. As for runners, so many just run. they over use those runner muscles. This type of training will help with endurance and get those quick twitch fibers cranked up. Also, gentle stretching and foam roll, massages as much as you can.

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