Don’t forget your cool down period

I recently posted about warming up before doing your Functional Fitness workout. See the post here. I don’t usually have a warm-up built into the workouts, so it is up to you to have something in mind. I provided tips for warm-ups as well as reasons why I don’t include them in the workout – essentially because I feel it is individual.

That brings us to the cool down period after your workout. Again, I typically do not have a cool down circuit included in the workouts. As with the warm-up, I feel this is highly individualistic.

I have to be honest…I have not been consistent with this myself. I have yet to have any problems such as injuries, etc., but experts tend to agree that there is at least no harm in doing some type of cool down. Click here for the Mayo Clinic’s take on the matter of warming up and cooling down. As you can see, they don’t feel the research is clear, but hey, why not?

Lately, I have been doing the stretching thing. I still do not know for sure if there are benefits, but I figure, hey, why not?

Ok, here is where I am going to point up to the logo for Kemme Fitness. See the two-way arrow that signifies sharing? I want you to consider sharing with the rest of us. Please leave a comment with any advice, knowledge, experience, gut feeling, etc. concerning a cool down period after a workout. Is it a waste of our time?  To be honest, I am not sure, so give us your thoughts.

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