Can you pick your top ten exercises? Here is my list

This is going to be a serious challenge, especially considering we use, what some 400 some exercises.  Top 10?  Really? 


Oh come on, this will be fun.  It might take some thought, but you already know a few on the top of your head.  Now, by top ten, I am not necessarily saying the 10 easiest or the 10 hardest. Nor am I saying the 10 most effective or 10 best core exercises.  It will be a combination of aspects that you yourself must decide upon.  In fact, give us a reason or two about your most favorites. 

If you can’t come up with a complete top ten, just think of a few you would put at the very top and think about why.  Below, I compiled two lists actually.  One list is for bodyweight only exercises with my reasons why. Then I have my top ten with equipment.

Burpee – classic Functional Fitness exercise we all love to hate
Box Jump – great movement that is very useful for life. 
Push-up – a staple exercise perfect for building a strong core and upper body
Front & Side Bridges – The best bodyweight core builders
Hindu Push-up – tough movement that hits a large majority of your muscles all at once
Sit-up, Stand-up, Tuck Jump – very dynamic movement
Bear Walk – the most versatile of all animal walks (can be done down the stairs, etc)
Inchworm – perfect warm-up exercise to get ready for Push-ups and Burpees
Spinning Push-up – just looks awesome – very dynamic
Aztec Push-up – same reason as the Spinning Push-up
Pull-up – classic exercise which works your shoulders and back
Deadlift – developes strength in every muscle under your shoulders
Kettlebell Swing – great strength builder that gets your heartrate up and works your lower body
Kettlebell Turkish Get-up – can be done with dumbbells or barbell. Great strength builder exercise
Clubbell Alternating Shield Cast – the best Clubbell exercise and great core/upper body
Clubbell Barbarian Squat – hits core and entire lower body. Can be used to strengthen your back
Physioball Balance – classic core builder if done right
Medicine Ball Sit-up Stand-up Slam – very dynamic movement
Medicine Ball Slams – not only great for working many muscles together, but also fun as all get out
Slosh Tube Twirls – very challenging Slosh Tube movement
If you don’t know the exercises, just click on our exercise page to find them.  Don’t forget to leave a comment with some of your favorites and why! 

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