A big “thank you” to the Grand Rapids Police Department officers


I did my best through the years to keep my profession separate from this blog.  For those of you who knew, I appreciate you keeping it off the comments. However, I retired early from the Grand Rapids Police Department last September (after seventeen years as a police officer) so I suppose it no longer matters to keep it a secret.

NOTE: for those of you who know my current profession, I again ask you keep the company name out of any comments. I just feel it is wise to keep your company name unattached to any ramblings you might do on a website. Let’s be honest, I have had plenty of ramblings through the years.

Now that I exercise at home with my wife and our friends (Seth Crooks and his wife), I no longer have the “crew” I had when I was running workouts during the lunch hour at the police department.  For over 5 years I had the pleasure of testing out new workouts and got the bulk of my training experience thanks to my co-workers.  I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all of my “guinea pigs.”

Harvey and Lawrence – you two were great partners.

Val, thank you for being my greatest success story and my longest running trainee.

I also want to thank all the other officers at the Grand Rapids Police Department for your participation, complaining, laughing, and sweating. I will probably miss a few names, but thanks Jeff, Mason, Josh, Amy, Kelly, Shelly, Rene, Matt, Craig, Mark, Geoff, Todd, Kristine, and those whose names are most likely escaping me for some reason.

I can’t forget the great cult members from Parole, the ATF, and the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office. I especially want to thank Jeremy for taking the leadership role at times and Dave for always returning to the team.

I miss you all terribly and it is awesome to hear you are still doing Kemme Fitness at times.  Don’t forget to reinstate the Urban Runs when the weather breaks!  Those runners need you all to push them towards Functional Fitness supplements to their running programs.



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  1. Harvinator

    Kemme Fitness is alive and well here at GRPD. We are still torturing ourselves everday. We even have a few new members. Hope all is well with you Pete.

    BTW-“Harvey and Lawrence – you two were great partners.” I’m not sure I like the way that sounds.

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