The Kemme Fitness learning curve

I’ve talked about this before, and if you are new to Kemme Fitness you might feel this way. “There are so many exercises here (pushing 400) and most of them I’ve never heard of before.” You may feel overwhelmed. You might hate being in the middle of a workout, only to find yourself forgetting what a Grasshopper Push-up was.

One solution, one I see many utilizing, is to find a workout or two they like and do them over and over. The main problem there, obviously, is the lack of variety. This lack of variety can cause boredom and set you back on the mental game that is needed to be involved in a fitness program. Besides, variety is at the heart of Kemme Fitness.

I have been trying to address this issue by creating K-Crosstrain (8 week program designed for runners) and K-Fit (12 week program created for beginners). I have mentioned recently how I am planning on adding K-Challenge for those ready to have 12 weeks of intense workouts, and after that K-Element, a 12 week program using equipment for At-Home. I separated out a Beginner workout page to get you started as well.

Yet, even with these programs, the problem still lies:  the learning curve. Even with the directions of what workouts to use within those programs, it still doesn’t address how to memorize all those exercises. Yes, each exercise has a video demonstration for you just a click away. Since the summer of 2011, I have been making sure the links are right there in the workout page itself, so you don’t have to click on over to the Exercise Page to find them. Thanks to my father’s advice, I put the exercises on that Exercise Page into alphabetical order to further assist you.

Unfortunately, I do not have any real tricks up my sleeve to get you over the learning curve. I can promise you this.  If you are working out 2 to 4 times a week, it will only be a matter of a few weeks before you get a solid base of exercises memorized.  Then, you only have to remind yourself of a few “odd” exercises here and then before getting started.  You are going to have to just trust me on this. It will not take you long. Before you know it, you will be setting new goals and trying out the more strange workouts just to keep things interesting.

Hang in there…and welcome to Kemme Fitness.

If anybody has any tips for our readers on how you got started, please share them. Remember, we are about sharing, and that sharing goes both directions.

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