secrets of running a cult-like Functional Fitness program

I promise this will be a lot shorter than my previous post, history of running a cult-like fitness program.

Ok, these are NOT great secrets of the masters…especially since I am not a master of anything.  I have experience, and a background of research, but that does not make me an expert. As Jason Robillard says, “Be careful of blindly trusting people because they say they are an expert. Think for yoruself.”  I might have paraphrased, but you get the idea.

Any workout program is half – if not more – a mind game. Keeping at it week after week is a challenge. Kemme Fitness and Functional Fitness in general makes this easier because of the fun movements and variety. There is variety in the hundreds of exercises and also variety in the workout formats.  I barely do the same workout more than twice in a year, if not only once!

Comradery is a big part of working out and sharing with others. And we only encourage each other, so it is even more fun.  Here are some tips:

TIP #1 – Never exclude others. Be willing to share

TIP #2 – Always help the person with injuries and those new to the program, so they learn safe and proper form and avoid causing pain.

TIP #3 – Challenge others with their pace, but not with the heaviness of weight. Again, don’t macho-man up and cause injuries for the sake of competition.

TIP #4 – That brings me to attitude. Encourage others to cheat on reps, or skip exercises (never cheat on proper form). Keep it fun and let others listen to their own bodies. They will step it up naturally by watching you.

TIP #5 – Revel in the cult-like atmosphere. You are doing something many are not and this pull to unorthodoxy is addicting. Become a bunch of ninjas. Or like us, we are super heroes.  I even made up certificates to share for those who have been working out with me for a while.


Level one is Sidekick.  Level two is Back-up Ninja.   I am the only level three at this point.  I usually have to have 3 reasons that I can articulate before I provide somebody with the level one award. Usually it is length of time they have been working out with us, maybe they helped add some circuit ideas to the mix, and maybe they led some workouts while I was not there.

Anyway, being a part of a group is fun. I do enjoy working out at home with Seth Crooks, or doing a little barefoot run alone as well.  All of this together keeps me winning the mental game.

So who do you work out with?  Are you a ninja?

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  1. Lawrence

    Don’t forget the flavor of the Kool-Aid. Nobody seems to like orange, everyone likes cherry.

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