Intense workout minds games: don’t do it alone!

Whether you are a runner, a body builder, a cross trainer, or do Kemme Fitness, fighting the mental game is always the biggest challenge. We all naturally wax and wane throughout a year in our programs. Some only work out for a few seasons each year, while others have periods of high intensity followed by lows. There are even some natural advantages with taking things easy at times.

However if you are like me and only work out 4 times a week, then we probably don’t need to take a break.

Let’s be honest here…we just can’t mentally do it all the time. Our bodies get plenty of rest on those 3 days off. But my beer guzzling, wine drinking, pizza eating, donut face-stuffing, lazy-ass is what is the problem. 

Ah, but there is hope.  This extra tool to use in our tool box is the best tool we have. It is a friend. Hell, you don’t even have to really like this person…you just have to be able to work out with them.

The obvious advantage here is the accountability. When you start to slack off, your friend(s) can say things like, “put the donut down!  We are going for a Rural Run.”  Or “I don’t care if you have your daughter’s softball game tonight. We can get a workout in before you go”

There is another advantage at play here though. It comes during the workout. Just when you can’t do 2 more Burpees, you look over and see your partner pretending that he/she loves them and can do 100 of them. Your natural competitive drive kicks in and you finish out the circuit.

There are all these quotes from famous coaches and the like about what percentage is physical and what percentage is mental. I even have a few numbers rattling around in my head, but the point is, is that the mental game is definitely a part of  any physical fitness program.

And one of your biggest weapons is a good workout partner. The problem now comes…how do you find another crazy wierdo who is willing to do Kemme Fitness!

How many of you workout with others? Do you have 1 partner or a group? Who is brave enough to work out with your spouse or significant other?

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