Trudging along: a quick guest note concerning the mental game of exercising

some thoughts from Seth Crooks:

Sometimes things that should be enjoyable feel like work. Sometimes ordinary life with no exceptional problems is inexplicably difficult. At least that is how things are for me. During these ‘funks’ I noticed that my entire workout feels like the middle of an extremely tough workout. Ain’t that a kick in the kettle bells. I’m no therapist, but I have some advice. Trudge along. Forward progress, no matter how slow, is still forward.

If life is a timeline of mental ups and downs, forward progress is the way out of the doldrums. Then one day, you wake up and things like building a giant block house with your small child sounds like fun again. Mowing the lawn is just mowing the lawn, not cleaning the stables of Hercules’ trials. Circuit 1 of your current workout is kind of fun again because your just getting going and are not yet totally spent. I guess this post is more about life’s peaks and valleys, but they apply to exercise as well. So thanks everyone for indulging my need for therapeutic writing. Go fitness!

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