The Groove – guest post

Having a hard time winning the mental game in your Functional Fitness program? You are not alone. Here are some great motivating words from Seth Crooks
The Groove
By: Seth Crooks

Why is it so easy to convince ourselves to not work out? People always say once you get in the groove, it gets easier to stick to it. I agree, except that it is VERY easy to fall out of the groove. I think the exercise ‘groove’ must be barely even a rut in the landscape of mental imagery. Every time that I win the little mental battle and actually go through with the planned workout, I feel great. No exaggeration, GREAT. My energy level is up, my mood is better, and I feel a sense of accomplishment that is quite fulfilling. So it seems that the mental battle preceding each workout would get easier as well. But no! It is just as hard every time…why? It’s because of that stupid underdeveloped groove.

                So what to do? For every Ying, a Yang. For every up, a down. For every trick our brains have for making us lazy, another trick for motivation! Just as it is easy to fall out of the groove, it is a simple thing to get back on track. Start with now. Do one workout. Too much? Do one circuit. Still too much? Do one push up. Now at least you are off and running.  Remember to be positive. If your workout was that one push up, good job! Start small, start miniscule, start at the molecular level, just start! You can do it.

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