Guest post – Don’t do what you love

This is a guest post from my good friend, Seth Crooks

People always say, “Do what you love, life is too short.” This may be good advice, except for when exercising!

Do what you hate!

I hated the Slosh Tube. I hated Lunges. I hated Burpees; I really hated Burpees. Those exercises pointed out to me where I was weakest. Initially I was resistant to do them because I wanted to do the exercises that I was good at, or at least familiar with.

But as I’ve thought it over, I think a much better approach is to incorporate two or three of our less comfortable exercises into each workout. Target those muscles and movements that are atypical in your personal life or usual workout regiments.  As Hank Hill might say, “The squeaky wheel gets a greasin’.” After a few weeks of this strategy I have noticed less squeaky wheels. Just some food for thought.

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