Another great tip for the Urban Run

It is time to give my friend and one of my workout partners, Jeremy, some credit.  He has been joining us here at my work gym consistently for I’d say around 9 months now. He works for another agency (I won’t say which). In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever posted what I do for a living.  Sorry, but this is not my personal, me-sharing blog. Not that I have one.

Ok, back to Jeremy. In addition to his participation, he has been motivating others and choosing workouts for the day on days I’m absent. He has given me some great advice over the last several months, including the lowering of the timed intervals in the Spartacus workout from 1 minute to 30 seconds to increase our intensity.

But this next tip was such a great one, I had to make a post all itself for it. He recently joined us for the first Urban Run of 2011…winters in Michigan just plain suck! Anyway, he seemed to enjoy it. I can tell these things from the complaining. All 6 that joined me took turns at various stages whining and moaning – perfect success. 🙂

Well Jeremy either got sick of following me around, or he just likes to shake things up. Either way, he suggested that we take turns as leaders in the run. For example, everybody could follow me for a short run until we stop some place to do Push-ups or Dips. Then whoever #2 is would decide where to run to next and what to do there, like 7 Burpees, or run all the stairs in a parking structure.  We haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t forget to share any Urban Run tips you have with by leaving a comment. 

Oh and so far I’m going with Rural Run for runs out in the country, like out  by my home.  I know it lacks flair, but it is in the lead so far for the official name. We’re still open to suggestions (except “field frolic” is definitely out!).

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