What? I can’t eat and/or drink whatever I want and stay in great shape?

I have written before about my 4 day fitness week, meaning I only do workouts 4 times a week as part of my Functional Fitness program. This is all I need to maintain my anaerobic capacity, strength, agility, stamina, etc. 

Here is the addendum:  That only works well if you do not have a lot of weight to lose or don’t drink and eat whatever is in front of you.  I love to eat. In fact, one of the main reasons I exercise is so I can eat the foods I want. I am not into the paleo diet, nor any other diet at all except maybe some of my meals would pass the Zone Diet test with protein/carb/fat proportions.

This all ties back in with my previous post about having goals. See post here. When I linger in between goals, I tend to be mediocre with my workouts, my eating, and everything else.

“I don’t have to be in perfect shape all the time.”

“I look good enough”

“I feel good enough”

“Yes, I do believe I will buy some wheat beer for home this week”

“Another glass of wine?  Why yes.”

“Pizza sounds great for dinner. I don’t feel like cooking either.”

Sound familiar?  Don’t worry, life is about balance and we need time to enjoy the gifts in life. By gifts, I am referring to the pizza, beer, and wine. Ummm.  By the way, I don’t descriminate: I like reds, ambers, browns, some pales, wheats, and lagers.

However, as with every cycle you need the top of the circle. You need to kick it into gear and push yourself. 5 pounds this year, can be 10 pounds next year. Don’t forget that shedding the weight gets harder the older you get.

So go ahead and have those 3 donuts, but next week you don’t get any. And you are going to pick more intense workouts off the website and get into it. Maybe you will add some running or biking in there to help. Maybe you need a new song to get you pumped. Better yet, set a goal and work your butt off until you achieve it. 

Then…celebrate with a glass of wine!

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  1. Kemme Fitness

    Or read Lawrence’s comment on the previous post. You want to lose weight, try training to survive the zombie end of times!

  2. Lawrence

    I hate the fact that my metabolism has slowed down. I simply cannot eat the way I used to – which sucks because #1 – I LOVE to eat & #2 – I’m blessed to have a wife who is an AWESOME cook.

    I gave up drinking years ago which helps. I think if I averaged out the number of beers I had per month it would probably be 1.

    Snacking at night time is my achilles heel – even w/ zombie survival training. I have finally come to grips w/ this reality – I’m getting older & have to change some things. I still eat what I love, that hasn’t changed. What has changed is this: at night time (after 7:30pm) if I eat something I will only allow myself to eat raw uncooked veggies. Lots of snap peas & carrots at night time for me. In addition – I have also cut down on what I drink – for the most part I only drink water & coffee (I drink mine black – no suger or cream – which is how I have always drank it). I’ve cut back on soda & juice big time. If I want a glass of orange juice now, I go eat an actual orange.

    I do reserve 1 day a week though – usually Sat or Sun where I can eat anything, anytime, anywhere. I allow myself the 1 free day which gives me something to look forward to (pathetic I know) & I don’t feel like I’m completely depriving myself of the foods I have always loved.

    Getting older sucks.

  3. Kemme Fitness

    Amen. I love the plan of having a day to allow yourself some freedom. I don’t always go to town that day, but it is nice to know during the week that I have the option there for me. As for 1 beer a month….come on dude, Oberon release is coming soon!!!

    You are a better man than I

  4. Harvey

    I’m on a similar plan but in reverse. My variation is that I try to eat healthy once a week and I find that it is a miserable experience. I spend the rest of the week hitting the buffets and drinking the Busch Light (the dirty 30). Realistically though, I should try harder. Maybe I’ll take your advice Pete and make some goals.

    1. Lawrence Boivin

      Harvey – go easy on yourself. You wrote “make some goals” stress on the plural there. Start w/ baby step – make A goal. See how that goes, then work your way from there. 🙂

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