Running & Workout Shoes

Recently, I have had a rash of folks asking me questions about minimalist shoes for running and for doing our workouts. If you are considering buying new shoes, or even if you are not, I strongly recommend you read this post.

Fortunately for us, I have a good friend, Jason Robillard, who happens to be an expert in barefoot and minimalist shoe running. His extremely successful book, The Barefoot Running Book, is an easy to follow-up, step by step, guide to begin a journey that will teach you how to run the way God intended you to. Most people see a reduction in injuries, and multitudes get a “new awakening” with the feeling of the ground beneath their feet – literally.

His website at Barefoot Running University includes an extensive Review page that will guide you in your quest for a new shoe. Personally, I would suggest reading his book first and determine if you are going barefoot or are still interested in minimalist shoes. If you want, he has the first 50 pages for free on his site (click here).

Why would I go to minimalist shoes or barefoot for that matter? Think about it. Olympic lifters are darn near barefoot for the same reason – the bottom of your feet can provide a great deal of infomation for your body. The feedback is essential. Another important note is when you remove your padded shoes with raised heels, you are using your feet in a way that is connected to your body in a more natural way. What I’m saying is that your muscles work together the way they are supposed to. Don’t cushion your feet, strengthen them to work well with your knees, legs, and hips. Stop landing on your heels and causing strain and injury.

Look, don’t take my word on this matter, especially since I only know enough to be dangerous on the subject.  Listen to the expert, Jason Robillard. Don’t forget to check out his educational videos that he did with the Merrell shoe company for their new endeavors into barefoot running and minimalist shoe education.

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