Losing weight with Kemme Fitness

I recently wrote a post about how I simply can’t shove my face full of pizza, beer, and wine, while working out my 4 days a week, and expect to stay in great shape. See post here. This brings me to answer a question I often get.

How do you lose weight with Kemme Fitness?

Let us first ask, “Can you lose weight with Kemme Fitness?”

Yes, but not a lot I’d say. If you are doing 4 intense workouts a week, especially if you focus more on doing high intensity intervals, you are going to shed some weight and get toned all over your entire body. Functional Fitness will get you into a natural shape, not a built up shape of certain muscles you choose. However, you are not going to shed 50 pounds just by doing these workouts 4 days a week.

Let’s tackle the first issue I brought up about focusing more on High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT. Not all of Kemme Fitness workouts utilize that format, but you can still treat many of the workouts that way.  If you are doing a workout with a list format (you know, 10 of these, 5 of these, 10 of these, etc.) you can still turn that into intervals.  Simply group a few exercises together and do them quickly and intensely. Then take a break and rest until you can go full out on the next few exercises. As long as you are thinking intensity, rest, intensity, rest, and so on you will set a good pattern that research shows will help increase your weight loss.
With that said, we still are not going to shed those 50 pounds. You will need to obviously eat appropriately. I don’t talk much of nutrition here, but the rule of  CALORIE IN VERSUS CALORIE OUT is a pretty darn good rule to live by when you are trying to shed weight. You simply can’t eat 3000 calories and only burn 2200 a day and lose any weight.
Ok, so you are doing more intense workouts and are eating well. That is going to help, but you may need to do some extra work. I strongly suggest that you do not do more than 4 Kemme Fitness workouts (5 tops) in a week. Your muscles will not be able to take it and the benefits will not outweigh the problems.
What you can do, though, is add in some running, biking, or other aerobic activity. It is not that running doesn’t use muscles, but you are truly not using very many in my opinion. In addition, your brain is used to using those muscles and using them well, so you will have less tightening or discomfort.  It will be obvious to you. Let us say you do a Kemme Fitness workout in the morning. You are not going to feel like hitting another one later in the day, but going for a run won’t seem that bad. You really can almost  run every day in addition to your 4 day per week Kemme Fitness workouts.
Of course, with all of this exercising you will need to listen to your body and don’t push things too hard so you are out of the game for an extended period of time (common sense statement).
To sum up, I’ll put a little equation below:
4 Kemme Fitness workouts + good eating + extra aerobic = weight loss
Don’t need to lose weight? Well try this:
4 Kemme Fitness workouts = awesome Functional Fitness!
Can’t get easier than that. Let me know what you think of this. Any disagreements?  I’m game for any discussion here.

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