Introducing your friends to Kemme Fitness

There is a wonderful problem you may incur if you continue to enjoy Functional Fitness workouts such as those here on Kemme Fitness. This problem comes when you friends and coworkers want to join in. Maybe you are not a trainer, nor do you know how to completely navigate our website. Maybe your friends have no desire to even come to the website themselves and will rely totally on you leading them and telling them what to do. Don’t laugh, but I have been training a large group at work for almost 5 years now and the vast majority of them have been on this website once or never.

The…I stress THE most important thing you need to make sure of when you share with others is that they are able to actually exercise. You don’t necessarily have to make them go see a doctor for clearance before you let them join in with you, but make sure you have this in mind and gauge their fitness level. Ask about any injuries or problems they have. If the injuries are not a big deal and they are already working out doing something else, most likely they will just have to avoid a few movements that cause pain. This brings me to an important point:  Do not let them (or yourself) work through the pain! Pain means something is wrong – get it checked out.

Now sore muscles after a workout?  Well that is going to be their life the first week without question. Prepare them for this and encourage them to take it easy at first.  Runners have this problem for sure. They might be able to run 10 miles a day, but one workout using side lunges and similar movements will translate into them not being able to sit down for half a week (not good to punish your friends and ruin their week). Remind them they will be working muscles they didn’t even know they had, so be smart and take it easy.

FF defined

That covers the safety type issues, but here is some material for you to handle the questions about Kemme Fitness or Functional Fitness in general. You can of course suggest they read Functional Fitness Defined, but most likely they won’t take you up on it. Just mention the 4 dimensions:

#1 – core centered

#2 – work muscles not movements

#3 – more than strength (meaning agility, endurance, balance, timing, stamina, power, flexibility, etc)

#4 – frequently utilize HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Finally, let’s talk logistics. What workouts do you use?  Maybe test them out on one or two of your favorites and then if they are interested, challenge them to one of the 12 week programs. K-Fit is the best place to start if they are in decent shape or at least have been exercising some. K-Bootcamp is great to do outside and/or with a group of friends. Often we do different programs depending on the weather or if we had taken some time off.

Just remember to work out safely and make it fun for them. Maybe demonstrate an awesome exercise to show them what they will eventually be able to do. My favorite is to whip out a few Aztec Push-ups and watch their eyes pop out!

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  1. Sally Kemme

    This post was meant for me today, I will take your advise from now on. I’m walking like a stick person.

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