I have to apologize…I don’t have a program for kids, elderly, and those severly obese and out of shape

Isn’t Functional Fitness for everybody?  Yes it is. So why then don’t I have a workout page for kids or youth and then older folks who aren’t up for the 120 workout<when I say elderly, I mean to say somebody whose body has changed drastically due to older age and have difficulty doing the exercises because of pain and/or fear of injury. This is not to mean somebody who thinks they are old and are in reality just out of shape> I have actually been asked several times about this and for a while I struggled with trying to compile some workouts for these select groups of people.

But then it hit me!  It would be irresponsible for me to do it. The most important thing a teacher or trainer should know is his/her own limitations. I have just enough knowledge to hurt somebody. And if I started just posting workouts for very specific groups like that, I am bound to injure somebody.

We develop in stages…I know that much. An 8 year old should be doing things differently than a 14 year old when it comes to exercise. To be honest with you, I personally feel that NO eight year old should be on a “workout program.” They simply need to go outside and play. Maybe an organized sport, but not a fitness program.

14 year olds getting in shape for football or volleyball is a different matter. The problem here is that a 14 year old’s body is different than an adult’s. And I have no problem admitting that I am unprepared and not skilled enough to create workouts designed for them. I just don’t know anything about child development, so it would be incredibly reckless of me. I don’t mind sharing some exercises with teenagers. Honestly, most of what we do would easily fit into a Junior Varsity football program. But again, I will do a one on one and closely monitor what I am sharing and how the youth is responding. So sorry…no Kemme Fitness Youth Workout pages in the future.

The same goes for those who are not in good enough shape to do the easiest of the beginner workouts due to medical conditions. I am confident that I could – on a 1 on 1 basis – help these folks. But again, to just post workouts out there without monitoring progress to avoid injury is simply irresponsible.

I am sorry if you are not ready for the Beginner Workout page here. If you can’t come close to trying the 120 workout, then you need to build up strength and get to an energy level ready enough to tackle it. If you do a workout and injure yourself enough to where you can’t work out for weeks, you need to start slower. I strongly recommend something in a pool with less resistence.

If you are just not good at Pull-ups, or can barely do a Push-up on your knees. Well, now that can be worked on. Just do a couple (or 1) Jump Pull-up instead of whatever number count the workout asks for. Alter the workout a bit so you can finish it. That is fine. Being out of shape is one thing. There is a learning curve here. Just don’t try something you know will cause injury, especially if you have a medical condition.

Listen to your body. Try swimming if needed. See a physical therapist and get guidance. Show them this site and see what they think. I just hope and pray you don’t give up.

And please…please be wary of fad exercise programs that don’t take into account your situation. The simple answer is to see your physician or physical therapist first. Go from there.

We all need to be Functional Fit. I can help, but don’t just jump into our program without using common sense, and if need be, the advice of a physician or physical therapist you trust.

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