I discovered yet another addiction

It hit me the other day while I was doing a tough workout at home. It was weeks 9 & 10, workout #4 from K-Fit. Before I share my new addiction, I want to take a moment to recap the many previous addictions I have uncovered since creating Kemme Fitness.

It all started in 2007 (yes this is a touch of history so zone out now). I began with being addicted to creating these intense workouts. I took Crossfit and Gym Jones workouts, added in some flavor from others in the field such as Ross Enamait and tried to engineer harder and harder workouts. I loved working out alone to where I could immerse myself in the intensity itself. I would even spent hours finding the right music to keep me focused. I began sharing with others in 2008, but yearned for the days when I was alone.

2010 brought in Kemme Fitness dot com thanks to Jason Robillard from the Barefoot Running University. My good friend gave the strangest advice of starting a website and writing chapters of an ebook. I would get people to the site with the workouts, but they could read my chapters and give feedback. I soon found myself addicted not only to writing the chapters, but to writing in general. In fact, this addiction is still with me as I have written several fitness and even fiction ebooks.

2011 is when I realized my audience was heavily tilted towards folks working out at home or who didn’t want to pay gym memberships. My focus changed to creating more and more at-home workouts and developing cheaply-built equipment for home gyms. The Low Cost Gym ebook came out of that. I delved heavily into this world of home fitness for most of the year. 2012 brought in the idea of creating ready-made workout programs. First there was K-Fit, but as you can see, I keep  pumping them out. The latest free 12 week Functional Fitness programs, K-Bootcamp, arose out of another addiction – group bootcamp workouts. This was the focus of the entire summer and into the fall of 2012.

So now what? Well as I lay on the ground the other day, spasming from the intensity of the workout, I realized what was going wrong.  The workout was tough alright, but not that tough. What made it so difficult was I was alone. I no longer have the mentality of solo exercising. I am addicted to the playful complaining and bantering of groups. I am a group junkie. I am almost paralyzed (literally) without a posse of some kind surrounding me.

I’m not sure how to go forward from here. Are there others out there stuck with this problem? Do you have to have people around when you work out, or do you treasure your privacy? Let us know.

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  1. Lawrence Boivin

    awww how sweet. We love you too Pete. Now get your a$$ in gear, clean your form up, & stop cheating on your counting!!

  2. Kemme Fitness

    Oh ouch, calling me out eh? I can’t wait to share Seth’s new workout with you today!!

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