Winner of the new Burpee contest

Time to announce the winner of the new Burpee contest here at Kemme Fitness.  We received a good amount of entries and some of the other entries may eek their way into the program in the future. But as far as the winner, we have Aaron Roberts from Chicago, Illinois.
Aaron’s Burpee Medicine Ball Thrust is an excellent, complex, Functional Fitness movement. What really tipped the scale and pushed Aaron’s Burpee into greatness, was the option to add a Medicine Ball Slam at the end.
Before explaining his new Burpee, here are a few links to exercises incorporated into his version:
Medicine Ball Thruster
Medicine Ball Slam
And here is Aaron’s explanation of the new Burpee:
Start with the Medicine Ball on the floor a couple of feet in front of you.
Squat down and do the Push-up portion of the Burpee as usual.  Then, when you get back to the squat position, instead of jumping straight up, grab the Medicine Ball and do a Medicine Ball Thruster, throwing the ball straight up and catching it again over your head.  Then start the next Burpee by squatting and placing the medicine ball out in front of you far enough that it does not interfere with the next Push-up.An alternate is to slam the Medicine Ball from overhead before squatting again.  This works best if you have a Medicine Ball with little to no bounce, like a homemade version.

See The Low  Cost Gym for instructions on making your homemade Medicine Ball.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the contest. As for Aaron, he will receive a free copy of Witness Tampering, an exciting mystery fiction novel. And stay tuned for the Aaron Roberts Workout coming soon with his new Burpee Medicine Ball Thrust! 

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  1. Melissa Roberts (Aaron's wife)

    Wow, this Aaron Roberts guy must be a stud!

  2. Kemme Fitness

    I just finished testing out his workout. At this moment, I hate him, stud or not!!!! Evil genius he is, but I still hate him. 🙂

    1. Aaron

      I’m none too happy with myself either. I don’t know this all happened. One minute, I was living happily with burpees and medicine ball thrusters separately, and then BAM! I am going to have to chalk it up to temporary insanity.

      Seriously, though: a few medicine ball burpee thrusters and some Turkish get ups would just about do me in.

      1. Kemme Fitness

        Wait until you see the actual workout with the Burpee Medicine Ball Thrusts (with and without the slam)!

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