What is the coolest exercise to do on Kemme Fitness?


If you have done Kemme Fitness workouts for any length of time, you might notice there is a sort of “staple” of exercises we put in most of the workouts.  It is possible to only really think of say maybe 100 exercises, mostly bodyweight when you think of our workouts.

However, take a quick look at the Exercise Page. There are about 400 exercises there. If you count the animal walks, there are 102 just with bodyweight alone. Then you have Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, Pull-up Bar, Slosh Tube, Clubbell, Physioball, Dumbbells, Barbells, Macebells, Mini Slosh Tube,  Sand Bag, and many many more.

Many of these exercises only make it into a dozen or so workouts. Some only make it into a one workout or two. Why, you  may ask. The main reason is I try to design the majority of my workouts for the majority of folks. Therefore, I try not to incorporate too many odd types of equipement such as the Mini Slosh Tube (which probably only a handfull of people in the world have).  Also, I don’t put in those extreme, “cool” exercises in many workouts because the majority of folks simply can’t do them.  In other words, I try to make Kemme Fitness for the masses.

With that said, we do have some intense, challenging, “cool” exercises. One of my favorites is the 1 Hand Barbell Snatch as seen above. You just feel awesome lifting a barbell up from the floor to above you head in one dynamic motion. Or the Aztec Push-up as seen below. How cool is that!


Perhaps you haven’t experimented with any of these. If not, check out the Exercise Page and try some of them out. I’ll throw a little list together below to get you started.

Aztec Push-up
Back Lever
Diamond Push-up 
Elbow Lever 
Gymnastic Donkey Kick 
Inverted Mountain Climber
Psycho Push-up
Spinning Push-up
Triangle Pull-ups
Muscle Up
KB 1 Arm Suspended Press
MB Tri-pod Push-up
Press/Squat Combo Slosh Tube
Floor Wipers Slosh Tube
Spiderman Push-up Parallettes
1 Arm Snatch 
Offset Bench Press 
These are just to get you started.  You may find more on the page that interest you. After compiling my “short list,” I really am at a loss for which one I think is the coolest. I still think the 1 Arm Barbell Snatch makes me feel the most like a super hero.  And yes….that is what it is all about!

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