Two New Exercises

I am still behind on videotaping some new exercises we have been using, but I did finish editing my last batch. There were only two, but they are extremely difficult ones that you might enjoy.

Physioball 1 Leg Sit-ups – This one mistakenly looks very easy. In fact when I saw the trainer at the gym at my work wobbling a bit on the physioball, I thought about how he just might not have great core strength.  So I tried it myself and…shortly thereafter ate some humble pie!  Just balancing on a physioball in that position with 1 leg is quite challenging, even without the Sit-up.

Spinning Push-up – I really don’t know what to say about this one, other than it is intense and fun as all get out to do.

I currently do not have these written into any archived workouts, but feel free to substitute them into any of your favorites.  For example, you can put in 5 Spinning Push-ups in place of 25 regular Push-ups, or use the Physioball 1 Leg Sit-up in place of Planks or Leg Raises.

Comment above on what you think about these guys?

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  1. Lawrence

    The nice thing about the 1 leg physioball sit up is that you can also do so many other exercises w/ the same set up:

    1 leg physioball: fly, dumbbell bench press, skull crushers, etc… your imagination is the only limit.

    Tip for beginners on this exercise: angle your plant foot slightly to the outside for a little more stability. The more comfortable (relatively speaking that is) you get w/ this exercise set up, the more you can bring the angle of your plant foot to be in line w/ the rest of your body.

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