The Shovel Deadlift

A friend of mine and I were talking about Functional Fitness the other day.  He comes from the realm more closely associated with body building or strength training.

As usual, he knew what I was talking about, but he never really prioritized any other aspects of a program that wasn’t directly associated with strength and size. Our conversation is one I have had many times before. 

The person realizes that they need some cardio added to their program and think about doing it 1 day a week in between the weight lifting (or something similar). I suggest they do it both at the same time. That usually gets their attention and we talk about the variety and about the health benefits, as well as the acquisition of fitness across all dimensions. The interesting movements and the focus still on strength seem to keep their attention.

Well let’s be honest. Most people have seen or heard about what we do. You did it in gym class growing up. If you played sports, especially football or wrestling, you might even have flashbacks of your teenage years while you start our program. It is old school.  Old school means that smart people figured it out long ago. The only thing that changed is that body building became popular.

Remember, being strong is important, but that is only 1 facet of fitness.

After our conversation, my friend began to check out the site here at Kemme Fitness. Again, none of this is rocket science, nor was it new to him. I dont’ know if he will change his program or not, but he definitely understands us.  I know this because he has already sent me a link to a video that was not on our site. In fact, I had never done this exercise before and was thrilled to see it.

Check out the video for the Shovel Deadlift – VIDEO LINK

Hey thanks buddy.

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  1. Lawrence

    Strength is good, BUT Pete is right here. It’s only 1 facet. I would argue that cardio is more important. Even more important is the combo: str/cardio.

    Why is this so important you ask?

    Zombie Apocolypse.

    Zombieland Rule #1 – cardio.

    BTW – my wife says I’m obsessed w/ the possiblity of the world one day being overrun by zombies. I, on the other hand, think it’s a pratical fear to live with.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    You start work on your zombie defense vehicle? I’m just saying…

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