The latest exercises on Kemme Fitness

Yes, yes I know I have been way behind in adding new exercises to Kemme Fitness. I had a list of new exercises that we either discovered or created back in early Spring.  I even wrote a post about waiting for warm weather to video tape the exercises.  The first batch, which included a ton of new animal walks came out in good measure.

Then…well…warm weather came.  And…well…adventures, family, and work also came. Next thing I knew and summer was over.  I scrambled about a month ago and filmed the rest of the exercises I had planned on (minus a few I opted to forego). Then I had to wait until I had more free time to actually make the videos. So with much waiting, here are the newest exercises for Kemme Fitness:

I wanted to add some new fun things to do on Parallettes, even though I don’t typically use them in too many workouts. If you don’t know how to make your own set of Parallettes, just download The Low Cost Gym for directions.
Front Plank
Hindu Push-ups
Side Plank
Spiderman Push-up
I added a couple with the Physioball that I also put under the Kettlebell and Medicine Ball sections.
PB Twist – Kettlebell
PB Twist – Medicine Ball
PB Wall Roll
And finally I need to create actual videos specific to the  Slosh Tube for these last two.
Floor Wipers
The next step is to begin working these exercises into our lates workouts and to get those posted.  In the meantime, feel free to check out the videos and you can even substitute them into your favorite workouts on your own!

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