The latest animal walks on Kemme Fitness

It has been a long winter and I thrilled to be outside again, filming new exercises. I made sure to prioritize the latest animal walks, as they are a favorite to many I know. By favorite, I mean that people literally curse my name outloud while doing them. And I love it! 

For starters, I filmed the Gorilla Walk since the previous link had disappeared. Too bad, because the lady who did it had a nice, short, perfect-form video and looked better than I do. 

If you turn a Bear Walk sideways you get a Tarantula Walk.  I researched animals that moved sideways and there were only the tarantula, crab, and the sidewinder snake. Well I just had to turn the Crab Walk sideways to film the Crab Sidle.  To keep that line of thinking I also added the Snake Sidle. By the way, that last one is a heck of a lot more difficult than it looks. Notice how low my hip is and how it is opened up to the front. This is what makes it different from the Tarantula Walk, which keeps your butt in the air like a Bear Walk.

One last sideways movement is the Goat Jump. I owned two Nigerian Dwarf goats a few years ago and loved to see them run sideways by hopping, so ta da….you get the Goat Jump exercise.

The Panther Walk is similar to the Bear Walk also, however, your feet and hands move together on each side of your body and your knees stay in and forward. The Stalking Panther is close to a Spiderman Crawl, but keep yourself incredibly low to the ground (not easy).

Finally, for fun I added in the Monkey Swing and Snake Slither.

Just head on over to the Exercise Page here and check them out. Stay tuned for these new friends of ours to show up in more and more workouts. 

Let me know what you think?

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