Still more homemade Heavy Bar exercises

If you haven’t seen Seth Crooks’ homemade Heavy Bar yet, click here for an explanation. You might not have the same material lying around your yard as he did, but you can see how it can be made with almost anything.  All you need is something long and heavy that you can attach some cheap handles to.  We like to spend as little money as we can for our homemade equipment and we are hoping to add to our tool box more this year.

Please feel free to share your ideas here with us.  Make you own TRX suspension cables?  Well share with us how you did that (yes that is you Pat!).  Just leave a comment, email us at or click on the Facebook page on the right.

You might have already seen the new section on our Exercise Page for Heavy Bar. But if not, here are the last few exercises we have recorded so far:

Heavy Bar Lunge Twists

Heavy Bar Romanian Deadlifts

Heavy Bar 1 Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Heavy Bar Twists

Heavy Bar Hang High Pull

There are a handful more on the Exercise Page.  Just scroll down to the Heavy Bar section for the links.  Don’t forget to check out the Apollo 1000 workout for a great way to use your new Heavy Bar.

And don’t forget to share with us how you made your own homemade equipment!

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