So what do you think about Kemme Fitness workouts?

We are up to over 150 posted Functional Fitness workouts here at Kemme Fitness. We have a large cache to do at a gym, but the workouts for At Home are growing each week. We have been trying to find more and more pieces of equipment to make yourself and safe money to do at your own house, such as the Slosh Tube, Macebell, and Medicine Ball. Hell, we are even trying to make our own up like the Mini Slosh Tube.

We have been getting some good feedback on some of the pieces of equipment. However, we would love to hear from you about some of our workouts.

How did you feel after doing the workout?

What was the hardest exercise that day?

What did you like most?

What did you  like least?

And if you liked it least, was it still good to do, or was it just a bad exercise?

How did you tweek it to fit with the equipment you have at your own gym, whether at home or at a facility?

Anybody see you doing the workout and make comments such as: “you are nuts,” or “what on earth was that?”

Just leave a comment on the post of the workout after you do it. We would love you hear your thoughts on the workouts.  I am lucky to get feedback from the group I work out with here at my job with on our lunch hour workouts. Plus Seth Crooks lets me know how he hates/loves our workouts we do at each other’s houses. But we are anxious to hear what you think. Just click on the comments and leave your thoughts – good or bad.

Thanks for your support. We hope to keep things coming!

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