The perfect father’s day gift…another Slosh Tube (this one is named Adam)


 I know…I really should take a pic of me with my Slosh Tubes, but this dude looks cooler than I do anyway.

I do have to say, though, that my kids (with the help of their mother) got me the best Father’s Day gift ever. I got two PVC end caps wrapped up and a long 10 foot tube for a Slosh Tube. My wife knew that I was working out with my friend Seth at home and another Slosh Tube would be perfect for us to do our workouts together. So, she encouraged the girls to get me the materials for a Slosh Tube and set aside time for them to help me make it.

Click here for a link to make your own Slosh Tube

Click here for a link to the post about my first Slosh Tube – Devon.

So I had to name my second Slosh Tube. Don’t forget you have to name your homemade equipment. It is a long story, but the name I chose is Adam. So now I am the proud owner of two 1o foot long, 3 inch in diameter, half filled with water Slosh Tubes.

I know…you are jealous. If not, you might be on the wrong website 🙂

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