The latest addition to my homemade equipment tool box

Some of you may wonder…”what are all of these?  It looks like construction project gone bad or something.”  Believe it or not, this is a big chuck of my home gym.  Well this isn’t the whole tool box I have (Carl the 20 lb homemade Medicine Ball is over at Seth Crook’s house, where Seth is planning new workouts for us).  Seth also has Devon (the other Slosh Tube).  And I do have some other traditional Medicine Balls, a Physioball, and some small Barbells.

But now for my favorite friends above. For starters, in the back is Adam, my 2nd Slosh Tube – weighing in at just under 30 lbs. His newer partner, “Mini-Me” is just in front of him. Mini Me is a 10 lb miniature Slosh Tube and I have yet to test him out (still waiting for some PVC cement to dry and plug the last leaky spot). More on Mini-Me later!

The homemade Parallettes are off to the right and I have had them for a number of years actually…I just thought they would look good in the picture.  I never did name them…hmm…I don’t know. Any ideas?

To the left are my new Macebells. Thor is 19 lbs and is good for almost all the exercises we will be recording soon. The traditional swing is still hard at that weight for me, so I found an old pole weighing only 10 lbs (my old satellite company once had in my yard to hold my satellite dish years ago).  It was just up in the rafters in my pole barn. All I had to do is remove an attachment at the one end. It was perfect for 2 reasons:  Only 10 lbs and free!!

I had not prepared to find the lighter Macebell and so I still have yet to name him either. Again, any ideas?

Remember you get to name your homemade equipment, but sometimes it is harder than usual. All my other pieces just made sense to me. There is a story behind Carl, Devon, & Adam. Thor is sorta cheesy and obvious, but works for me. Mini Me is also cheesy and a blatant rip-off from Austin Powers, but again, it works for me.

So please share your ideas for names for the lighter Macebell and the Paralletes.

And email us at with some photos of your homemade equipment. Anybody make your own Slosh Tube yet?

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  1. Lawrence

    How about a review of your macebell!!!! Have you used it yet? Good, bad, meh? I should have mine up & running by the weekend & I’ll be sure to give a review of a macebell wod, but I’m interested in hearing a review from you oh fearless leader.

    I already know Harvey’s review – “mine’s too heavy…” But I just chalk that up to Harvey being old, balding, and weak. 🙂

  2. Kemme Fitness

    You’re right….Harvey is older than us. And the Sit-out video did show some minor hair loss. Ok, now I feel bad. Sorry Harv.

    Anyway, Seth and I did a workout last Sunday with the Macebells. It was great and I have it ready to post soon.

    I had some time without children (thank you mother-in-law for taking them to a play) and so I just filmed 32 new exercises this morning. I am working on making the videos now. They include the remainder of the Macebell exercises and the new Mini Slosh Tube exercises Seth and I came up with. Oh, and I filmed your Chimpanzee exercises – I hope I did them justice!

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