Now here is some creativity to save costs with your at-home Functional Fitness gym

There is a little trick that not everybody is aware of  to have access to tons of Functional Fitness workouts. If you are not already aware, we have two 12 week programs for you for free.  The only required equipment are a Physioball, a Pull-up Bar, a Medicine Ball, and a Kettlebell.

Check out our 12 week program page here and download K-Fit and K-Challenge.  K-Fit is a great introductory program for those who have been moderating working out or have been biking or running.  K-Challenge is simply taking the workouts a step up in intensity.

Here is how easy it is to get your equipment in order.  Hammer up a pipe in the rafters for your Pull-up Bar.  Spend $8 at Walmart for you Physioball (aka Swiss ball or stability ball) and make your own Medicine Ball by filling a cheap basketball with sand.  If you want complete instructions to make your own equipment, download The Low Cost Gym for free.

The final piece is the Kettlebell. You have a few options here. If you know somebody who can weld, you can make your own.  Kettlebells under 15 pounds can be bought cheaply at Marshall’s/Walmart or similar type store. If you buy a nice 35 pound Kettlebell, you are going to be out a good $70 plus.  Essentially you will most likely double the weight to get an idea of the price (35 pounds = $70, 45 pounds = $90, etc).  Ouch, I know

Here is where the creativity comes into play.  I have a section on my Exercise Page for a Sand Bag (or other heavy unstable bag).  Sandbags are not hard to make and pea gravel is a perfect substitute, as it doesn’t creep out of the cracks and land in your face while you are sweating (not cool – trust me).  You can make a sand bag (or pea gravel bag) or even do what this guy who emailed did the other day, which was to fill a “bookbag with some really heavy nursing textbooks.” Now if you have law books, it may not work. I’m pretty sure they have to be nursing textbooks. Well, maybe other science books could work. In any case, the point is to get creative for a heavy weight you can use to substitute in for the expensive Kettlbell. 

I’ll admit, maybe some of the Kettlebell movements won’t work quite as well, but you should be able to get by…and get by for 24 weeks of workouts!  Get by for 24 weeks of FREE workouts!!  Yeah, Kemme Fitness totally rocks the free resources!

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