My new Huaraches by Invisible Shoes

This last weekend was an exciting day for me. The mailman brought me my very first pair of huarches. I ordered mine from Invisible Shoes and I actually chose the option of the do-it-yourself kit. Huaraches (it is a Spanish word so think Wah-rah-chaiz) are pre-Columbian Mexican shoes, so they have been around for what…100o or more years.

There are a few companies that sell them, but Invisible Shoes has a do-it-yourself kit that comes in the mail. The kit includes a pad of Vibram rubber and your chose of color rope.

Prior to ordering my huaraches, I had the old cheapy Meijer water shoes or aqua socks.  They look something like the photo below.

Aqua socks are a great way to cheaply protect your feet while you run or crosstrain barefoot.  I do all my Urban Runs in my aqua socks. I have a pair at work and a pair at home for my At-home workouts.

I was actually not looking for a new workout shoe. Although the aqua socks are not form fitting, they do just fine for any crosstraining I do (those who do a lot more running would obviously want to invest in a real pair of minimalist shoe).  No, I simply wanted a good summer shoe that would let my feet breath, but were not flip flops.

I emailed my local barefoot running expert, Jason Robillard, from Barefoot Running University and he suggested huaraches.

My wife laughed her butt off at me when my kit arrived. “You got ripped off,” she said.  When I got home from work, I wasn’t disappointed. The kit was exactly what I thought I was getting (she is not quite into minimalist shoes). I believe her words were, “do I have to go out in public with you?” or something close to that 🙂
Another con is that you have to either buy or borrow a leather punch to make your huaraches from Invisible Shoes. I did not forsee that, but I love excuses to buy a new tool!
I will mention 1 other con – the top of the shoe catches every now and then when I walk.  I apparently need to lift my foot up higher, but it worries me that I could trip easily if I am not careful.
I love the breathableness of the shoe. It is like I am barely covering my foot. It is the same openess I love with flip flops, but without having to pinch your toes to keep the shoe on.
It provides great tactile feedback. Seriously, it is like you are walking barefoot, but without little stones bothering you.
I love that Invisible Shoes gives you a choice of color nylon. I went with black, just to keep it low key.  Maybe my wife will let me walk around in public with her!

Stay tuned for more on how my huaraches work out.  I will be testing them throughout the summer. My goal to have them act as my everyday shoe. I have not decided if I want to subject them to my crosstraining.

Let me know what you think? 

Do you have huaraches? 

Would you ever buy them? 

Any advice for a newbie like me? 

Would your spouse let themselves been seen in public with you and your huaraches?


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  1. Lawrence

    “I will mention 1 other con – the top of the shoe catches every now and then when I walk. I apparently need to lift my foot up higher, but it worries me that I could trip easily if I am not careful.”

    Uh Pete – I write this b/c I’m your friend. Let’s recap the past: the nose incident which made you look like you tangled w/ a Grizzly, the recent injury sustained at a … POOL; & let’s not forget the obvious one: the 1/2 finger.

    Please for the love of all that is Holy – be careful when walking around in these shoes. And dear Lord do not walk around any open hazards w/ these things on.

  2. Kemme Fitness

    ….I might have to give my shoes away (writes the man typing with 9 fingers)

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